Use your voice to find your Mobile phone

בחורה עם מחשב נייד

Finding your Xfinity Mobile wholesale Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus LCD screen in your home is now as easy as talking out loud.

Comcast's new Phone Finder feature lets subscribers of its wireless service locate their devices by speaking into their X1 voice remotes. You don't have to set anything up. Simply say "Xfinity Mobile, find my phone" into your remote control, and the device will ring.

A pre-recorded audio message from Xfinity Mobile informs whoever answers why they're receiving a phone call.

If you have multiple lines for multiple people, you can ask the service to locate a particular person's device, such as, "Xfinity Mobile, find Ron's phone." You can also search by saying your 10-digit Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus display number out loud.

Comcast launched its Xfinity Mobile service earlier this year, making it the latest company to expand into a new service in the bid to be all things to the customer. It's a trend you've seen with telecom provider AT&T bulk up its video offering with DirecTV, or Verizon getting into the media business via AOL and Yahoo.

And while Comcast doesn't see itself as a direct competitor to wireless providers, Xfinity Mobile gives certain consumers another potentially cheaper alternative. It's also a chance for Comcast to show that maybe cable companies don't always deserve that bad reputation.

The mobile service runs on Verizon's network as part of a reseller agreement.

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