This is Why Face ID failed after iPhone X Display Screen Replacement

The iPhone X series’ face ID system is a complex component. That’s why the face ID issue bothers a lot on daily using. Sometimes it failed on recognition and we don’t know why, especially when we have our iPhone X fixed or the display screen replaced with the LCD screen digitizer. Here we are trying to analysisthis problem and bring our suggestion as well on the iPhone X face ID.


1. The iPhone X face ID working Theory

The iPhone X face ID component consists of three main parts: the iPhone X infrared front camera, the flood illuminator, and the dot projector. Together with the face ID component on the module, there are proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, the front camera, the ear speaker and the microphone. When you hold your iPhone and activate the face ID for recognition, the flood illuminator is on and detects if the object is a human face. Then it will send the detected face image to CPU. The dot projector will project over three million dots on your face, catching the reflection from your face and sent to the EEPROM for detection. If the face image accord with the original data, then the CPU will get the command and unlock your iPhone. Mostly, this process is very quick.


2. Reasons why face ID failed after display screen replacement

There are usually two reasons your face ID failed for recognition after the display screen is replaced. For one reason, the cable or the FPC might be damaged during the process of display screen replacement. Some mistakes in the procedure may cost the damage to the face ID system, for example, the battery flex cable should be first disconnected after the original display is separated, and the last to connect after the new display screen is installed. During the screen replacement, don’t touch the dot projector because the static electricity from your body might cause damage to the face ID. Besides, don’t break the flexes, just be careful. Another reason is dust or filth on the glass cover of the dot projector may cause the face ID failed on recognition. Keeping it clean with no dust.


3. Tips on solving face ID failed recognition issue

For the first solution, you should close all opened or suspended Apps and then rest the face ID. Besides, you can manage face ID attention options and settings. There are two Face ID options you can turn on or off as you would prefer. These are the Require Attention for Face ID and Attention Aware Features. For the last solution, reset all settings, and make sure your operating system is updated to the latest version.


As a final conclusion, you should be careful about your iPhone X repair, especially for display screen replacement. Mistakes in the repair process may cause permanent damage to the face ID. Besides, you can check the iPhone X replacement parts in our stores, such as our iPhone OLED display screen and digitizer assembly replacement here. You can also contact us if you have an interest in our new coming iPhone 11 replacement parts. Any questions will be answered in 24 hours if you have emailed us.

 Why Face ID failed after iPhone X Display Screen Replacement