This iPhone 8 video could be first look

בחורה עם מחשב נייד

Despite Apple’s best intentions, a video of what’s purported to be the iPhone 8 may have been leaked online. Reputable Apple fan site 9to5Mac has published a video in conjunction with tech journalist Shai Mizrachi that seemingly shows off an actual iPhone 8 dummy unit.

iphone 8 dummyThe fact that this is a dummy unit means that it doesn’t actually work, and is simply to be used as a design reference. It’s also entirely possible that the video is a cleverly designed hoax, and we’re all being fooled.

What’s important is that the device depicted fits with what we’ve seen from previous leaks, which means one of two things. Either it’s the real thing, in which case this is our first look at the proper iPhone design. Or alternatively, it’s a ruddy good dummy based on a wide roster of leaks, giving us a useful glimpse at what the phone parts wholesale might look like if the (admittedly consistent) leaks turn out to be true.

For instance, the video showcases a new vertically-oriented dual camera arrangement on the back of the phone spare parts . That’s widely rumoured to be the case with the iPhone 8, and is in contrast to the horizontally-oriented camera we saw from last year’s iPhone 7 Plus.

The new phone also appears to be about half an inch smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, which supports the theory that the iPhone 8 will fall somewhere between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in terms of size.

Unfortunately, we won’t really know the truth of the matter until Apple reveals all during its expected September launch event – stay tuned.