The essentials of taking wedding photos in ancient costume

בחורה עם מחשב נייד

Vintage wedding photos can be classical and have a lasting appeal. We need to know the key points of taking wedding photos in ancient costume to take wedding photos with ancient charm and make ourselves different.

The point of taking wedding photos in ancient costume? People know that there are very beautiful words in ancient times, which make people very excited. If you want to take a beautiful wedding picture, you need to know some basic knowledge.

Make up appropriate is light not thick. Your hairstyle should match integral modelling style

The makeup stylist that average makeup stylist knows old outfit makeup should light makeup, relaxed, not be demon yan. If too much makeup is applied too much, it will appear very devil, abnormal. In hairstyle respect, very important really, it is the center of modelling, ancient hairstyle has dish hair wait very many kinds, basically the dress that you wear is which dynasty will decide.

2. Choose suitable clothes

Ancient clothing is more complex, like simple bride can choose a simpler dynasty clothing, with the ancient hairstyle. It may be the han costume that is more complex. Secondly, the costumes of the yuan dynasty are more complex, and the qing costume is a little simpler, but I think the costumes of the yuan dynasty are better. The most important thing to choose is to see what kind of clothes you are suitable for. If you really feel complicated, you can choose cheongsam or reflect the charm of classical temperament and ancient costume.

3. Get involved in the role

We are all contemporary people. The contemporary people have the temperament of contemporary people, and it is better to find out the charm of ancient people by engaging in roles. In ancient times, women were more gentle and reserved, and their smiles were limited by shallow smiles. So before you take a photo, you must first understand the temperament of the ancient women, copy the ancient women, and put yourself into the role, which can help you to capture the charm of the ancient costume.

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