Motorola to release X5, E5 and G6 smartphones in 2018

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It seems like only yesterday we were writing about the Motorola Moto X4, and in fact our review of the current X-series flagship only went live at the beginning of this month. But in the world of cell phone battery wholesale things move at lightning speed, so much so, that the Moto X5 name has already been teased for 2018, courtesy of Evan Blass.

Motorola to release X5, E5 and G6 smartphones in 2018, Play name to returnThe more-often-than-not reliable leaker has tweeted an image of the Moto X5 branding, which follows a very similar design to that for the Moto X4. Usually, we'd reserve judgement and say it's a simple Photoshop job, but given Blass's reputation and reliability (not to mention the likely nature that Motorola will release a new X-series device next year), we can safely assume an X5 will happen.

Blass hasn't leaked any details of the new wholesale phone parts just yet, but we expect them to come through thick and fast in the coming months.

Blass has also teased names for some other Moto devices, including the G and E series. He says the Play name will return for both, to create two trios of devices: Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play and E5, E5 Plus and E5 Play.

Again, no details regardings specs or features just yet, but we'd expect the usual upgrades to the processor, Android version and hopefully cameras. Whether or not any of the devices mentioned get a get a bump in resolution to Quad HD of course remains to be seen.

There's no word on a Z- or C-series of devices just yet, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for any developments regarding Motorola's 2018 phones and bring you the latest news as and when we hear it.