Man Cooked 10 Types Of Rice For His Own Wedding

בחורה עם מחשב נייד

Weddings are always a fun and memorable occasion to attend. Other than enjoying the sight of the beautiful couple revelling in their wedding day, the food at a wedding is also something to look forward to.

But how many of you have been to a wedding where the groom cooked the food all by himself?

That's what happened at Muhammad Syukri Addnan's wedding. And he did not whip up any simple feast for his guests, instead, he cooked up a majestic feast for their enjoyment.

The 28-years-old served 10 different kinds of rice, seven different dishes, and six different drinks for the 2,000 guests who attended his wedding.

And even more amazingly, he cooked up the feast merely four hours before his "bersanding (sitting-in-state)" ceremony.

According to Harian Metro, the groom runs a catering business with his family.

"This idea is my way of appreciating my guests from all over Raub (Pahang), and they also get to try the deliciousness of the different kinds of rice we prepare.

"I announced my wedding on my Facebook to invite everyone to come to my wedding ceremony, at Kampung Melayu Sungai Lui 2, Raub," Muhammad Syukri was reported saying,

According to Muhammad Syukri, he used 97 kilogrammes of rice to cook 10 types of rice which consists of 'Nasi Hujan Panas', Corn rice, 'Nasi Serai', Beriyani rice, 'Nasi Arab', 'Nasi Minyak', Tomato Rice, 'Nasi keduli', Carrot Rice, and plain rice.

"I learned to cook from my mother who loved cooking and is really good at it. Maybe I got my talent in cooking from her.

"I also learned from my dad, to serve extravagant food for our guests at any events," he added.

He also relayed how thankful he was that no food went to waste, as it was all finished by his guests.

He also revealed that unlike other married couples, he splurged more on food rather than their wedding attire.

According to Harian Metro, he only spent RM150 on his attire, and his wife wore a dress that cost RM250. And in contrast, he spent RM9,000 on the food.

"I do not mind splurging on food for both wedding ceremonies, as I see this as a form of charity," he said.

After the wedding, Muhammad Syukri revealed that while his guests wished him a happy married life, he received a lot of good feedback about his food.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | bridesmaid dresses australia