Istanbullu Gelin: Suriya and actress Asli Enver – Are there any similarities between them?

Asli Enver’s numerological birth chart, indicates that she is a dominant, strong woman, who requires a vast amount of warmth and love in order to realize and fulfill herself. Her role in the series “ Istanbullu Gelin”– is beneficial for her personality. How alike are Suriya and Asli? Click here to find out ….


She is beautiful, smart, assertive and resolute. suriya knows exactly how to love and pamper her husband Faruk. She has a giant heart and the kindest eyes that support all of the characters in the series Istanbullu Gelin. Men are enchanted by her; her personality is a magnet to all those around her. Who are you Asli Enver, the actress who portrays Sureyya?  Are you two alike? Are you as loveable in reality too?   I examined her birth chart based on  Kabbalistic Numerology – and look what I discovered….

Who is Asli Enver, the actress who portrays Suriya in the series Istanbullu Gelin?

The name Asli indicates a woman whose thinking is original; one who is very persistent and never relinquishes her truth. She can keep a secret and is at once both generous and frugal. It is hard for her to discuss her emotional  difficulties and she sometimes withdraws into herself. She needs a lot of warmth, a sense of security and protection from her man. She has fears and anxieties regarding relationships and marriage. She is lazy in a way. She is selfish and cunning. Asli Enver is a very attractive and sensuous woman, with a strong desire for pleasures such as food, riches and sex.

 Suriya / Asli Enver was born on 10.5.1984. How does her birth date affect her personality?

Her birthdate reinforces her unique personality. She is assertive and determined and radiates strength and power to her immediate surroundings. Her day of birth and her destiny number are identical = 10. This indicates leadership, good intuition and confidence. Her obstacles  are perfectionism, impatience, stubbornness and repressed anger.

What previous incarnations did  Suriya /Asli Enver  – Istanbullu Gelin have?

Asli has a soul-memory that recalls “I am right, My truth is the most accurate”. She needs to understand the existence of other truths in the world and learn to see other points of view. She must learn to listen to others, to be tactful and diplomatic, and yes – to put her ego aside!

In short,  Suriya / Asli Enver’s birth chart indicates that she is a strong, dominant woman who requires a vast amount of love in order to fulfill and realize herself. A little more openness, relating to those painful places – would help her to achieve balance in life. It appears that the series Istanbullu Gelin is good for her personality… it is fortunate for her that she is there!

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