Istanbullu Gelin, Faruk Boran: What is the secret of actor Özcan Deniz’s charisma?

Who exactly is Özcan Deniz, who portrays Faruk Buran in the series “ Istanbullu Gelin” ? Is he particularly charismatic and unique in reality? His numerological birth chart discovers all… and Asli Enver? Click the link below to find out….


“Faruk, I want your babies” – yes, we are all smitten by Faruk!  “I can’t take any more of that gorgeousness!”… and many more enthusiastic comments on the “Istanbullu Gelin” Facebook page. What is the secret of Özcan Deniz’s charisma, the actor who portrays Faruk Boran,  according to Kabbalistic Numerology? I examined his birth chart– and look what I discovered….

?Who is Özcan Deniz, the actor who portrays Faruk Boran in the series Istanbullu Gelin

The name Özcan indicates a person with a kind heart, deeply connected to both his emotions and his mind. A humanistic, idealistic man, who integrates lofty ideas and feelings. Romantic, moral and considerate of others. Özcan is devoted to his family and is fascinated by spirituality and mysticism. He has a tendency to lapse into false dreams with regards to relationships. He must be realistic and sensible when it comes to emotions, sex and relationships. His attitude to life is practical and shrewd. He observes all aspects of every topic and is therefore successful in what he does. He is open, flexible and clever and this gives him his advantage in life. Özcan Deniz is quick to act and is sometimes a little too hasty. His communication with others is excellent. He is dominant, a leader, and dislikes it when others make decision for him. He lacks tact, but is witty and sharp, entertaining. He needs to learn to be wary of over-confidence.

?Özcan Deniz/Faruk Boran was born on 19.5.1972. How does his birthdate strengthen his charisma

His birth date indicates centrality, control and charisma. He is courageous, daring and self-confident. He is unique and has a great capacity for giving. What he needs to learn is patience, tolerance and to avoid aggressive arguments.  He also needs to learn to let go of control and avoid accumulating anger. To his credit, he has the capacity of introspection, from which he learns  and overcomes obstacles in his life.

?What does his Kabbalistic Numerological birth chart say about Özcan Deniz/Faruk Boran in Istanbullu Gelin

  • His lifestyle indicates empathy, mutuality and a need for cooperation.
  • His ruling planet  indicates a kind hearted, quick, secretive and diligent man. He has a sharp sense of humor, is a loyal friend however he lacks tact and has a short temper.
  • The heart’s wish reinforces his need to make far-reaching changes and gain insight.



?What previous incarnation did Özcan Deniz/ Faruk Boran have

His previous incarnation indicates the need to control others through emotional response. He has difficulty separating and he needs to learn to overcome this. There is something childish in his personality on the one hand, connecting him to his mother and to his need to be coddled. On the other hand, it is a source of insight, and disengages him from focusing on his goals. He finds emotional rejection difficult, because he is sensitive and vulnerable. His successful career  eradicates his childishness and helps him separate from the past. In the series we can see exactly – how relationship and career, help him detach from his mother to become mature.

To summarize, his birth chart indicates that Özcan Deniz/Faruk Boran is an almost perfect person. On the one hand romantic, charismatic, a loyal friend, well loved, and on the other  – childish, in search of love as seen in the movies (Istanbullu Gelin) and he does have a short temper.  This is the successful formula for becoming the idol of women around world.  Dear ladies, do you now understand what is melting your hearts?

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