How to Erase the Aftermarket iPhone Display Non-Genuine Display Warning

When we replace a new iPhone display, we will see the pop-up warning about non-genuine display on the screen when we power on the phone. This makes the confusion and awkwardness to our customers. Here we would like to share a simple tips on how to erase the warning from the iPhone for a month without tearing down the phone. Check this out below.

  1. Switch off Wifi and Bluetooth, turn on the Airplane mode
  1. Go to Setting >> Date & Time, adjust the Time Zone to one month later.
  1. Power off and then restart the phone, swipe and clear off the warning
  1. Go to Setting >> General >> Date & Time to turn on set Automatically
  1. Turn off Airplane mode and switch on Wifi and Bluetooth
  1. Power off and then restart the iPhone, the pop-up non-genuine warning disappears


You can try the steps above to erase the non-genuine display warning from your iPhone. You will definitely find it useful if you are working in the repair shop. Besides, you may also go to Etrade Supply for new iPhone 11 LCD display screen and digitizer and other iPhone replacement parts as well. You may contact us if you have interested in our products or our iPhone accessories.


Article refers to Etrade Supply Blog of How to Fix iPhone Display Non-Genuine Display Warning Issue