Fresh wedding photos – make you the cutest bride

בחורה עם מחשב נייד

Every woman wants to like beauty, want to be younger, want to keep youth, want to stay at 18. It is believed that every girl hopes to dress up like this when taking wedding photos and put a satisfactory end to her youth. You are so lovely in your youth. If you want to be a lovely bride,

Men's aesthetics can be said to be a combination of tradition and fashion, especially those born in the same age, and the evaluation of girls is not uniform. Those lovely girls in the small fresh wedding photos, just like a pastoral landscape painting, stand quietly there, can let people feel the nature and beauty. Lovely girl's youth vitality, quiet and clever, especially attractive.

Pale skin and clear makeup are the key to a lovely bride's look. It is the person that skin color slants yellow, can cover blemish with bottom makeup, do not ask too white. Moisturize before applying makeup. The small fresh wedding gauze photography doll's big eyes are lovely girl's unique charm. Eye adornment is more important. Hairstyle is the best adornment that reveals lovely girl unique charm.

Small pure and fresh wedding gauze photograph is sweet and neat qi bang, also be current mainstream, two hair temples are tied on both sides, appear very lovely, can use clever and threatening to describe. This hairstyle is suitable for summer use. Two small ponytail is made with short curly hair, in a side the floret of a pink, look more pink tender guest, the hair color of milk tea department, foil more pure and charming style. This is a typical little girl.

Qi bang, back the hair is coil rise, look appears very clean and neat, look very dynamic have vigor, tie-in bowknot appropriately can let oneself look younger. Little fresh wedding photos, if you want to be a lovely bride, be a cute girl.

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