Common wedding dress collars with large count

בחורה עם מחשב נייד

Came to the wedding dress shop, will always be attracted by all kinds of wedding dress style, the marriage gauze type led is protean, different style of dress is suitable for different people, choose a suitable wedding dress more can show the beauty of the bride, so, the style of the dress also need to carefully fastidious, below but let me give you a brief introduction a few special gown get model.

1. The v-neck

Generally speaking, v-neck, just as its name implies, is refers to the collar overall shape is a "v" word, including deep v or shallow v, sometimes is also a v back, relatively speaking, v-neck wedding dress is more suitable for the chest bride wore a modest, type deep v-neck wedding dress to wear more sexy, also suit to open the bride dressed in personality.

2. The heart-shaped collar

Heart-shaped collar dress collar type, like love, the middle section is relatively deep and relatively high on both sides of the chest, highlighting the chest modelling, therefore, this type led enchanting bride wore a wedding dress is more suitable for sex appeal, in addition, heart-shaped collar of dress modification of neck, will make the neck look more slender, the overall effect is elegant and generous.

3. Card shoulder

Card shoulder type led the characteristics of the wedding dress is below the collar on the shoulder, collarbone and shoulders, sleeves obscure part of the upper arm, as a result, the vast majority of the bride is suitable for a wedding dress, especially upper arm is a little small fleshy bride more this one, right shoulder collar type of wedding dress make chest medium such as the bride to wear is very beautiful, more can meet the demand of most of the bride.

4 bag shoulder

The strapless wedding dress is similar to the strapless wedding dress, but it should be made of more fabric. It looks as if the shoulder is wrapped by the wedding dress fabric.

5. One word led

The shoulder of one character get a wedding dress is more flat, cent has sleeve and sleeveless, it is the type that modern marriage gauze designs more common, one character shoulder marriage gauze, depict to bosom relatively little, accordingly, suit the female with chest lesser, can let bosom look relatively plump.

6. Wipe flat chest

This style marriage gauze is relatively common, can decorate neck and clavicle better, and, flat wipe breast more the female that receives bosom plump love, dress effect more show elegant, temperament.

7. Scoop,

The wedding dress of big round neck suits everybody almost, whole clipping is more advanced, before and after can be arc together, design is more avant-courier, simple and easy, do not break temperament again, put on also show thin, anyhow very beautiful.

Small round collar 8.

Part of the wedding dress is similar to that of a T-shirt, so it is also called a T-shirt collar. Starting from the root of the neck, the neckline is round and curved.

See so many different wedding dresses, it is not the heart, hurry up to action, come to the bridal shop to choose a suitable wedding dress!

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