Big belly bride wedding photo


Cohabitation before marriage is nothing new for urban men and women, however, things have escalated recently. A wedding dress store owner told reporters that at present, the first pregnancy before marriage seems to be more "popular." At this time, his wedding dress shop has received a number of "big belly" brides, some bride waist is too large, so that the shop assistants and tailors are very difficult to deal with.

Big belly bride wedding photo

She is six months pregnant and wearing a wedding dress

As the saying goes, "gold, silver and ten", autumn in the north is the peak season for weddings. Tang, the owner of the wedding dress business, told reporters that in August the store received more than a dozen pregnant bride, just arrived in September a few days, another three. Of the "expectant mothers," the least two weeks of pregnancy, the most are six months. Some are accompanied by the groom, some are accompanied by family members, and incredibly two good friends are pregnant and remarried, to pick wedding dresses together. In front of shop assistants, these brides are not afraid to talk about their pregnancy problems, and will actively ask their mother shop assistants about many questions during pregnancy.

Loose Greek wedding dresses are in demand

For the "big belly" bride pick wedding dress and change wedding dress, can hardly break shop assistant. A lot of marriage gauze design can specially highlight the slender and graceful figure of bride, for instance more popular fish tail type and palace type, although a few common design also can draw the waist, these design "big belly" bride do not suit, however Greek type marriage gauze because do not have the waist and become popular goods. In order to let "big belly" bride can some more choice, tang boss recently specially chose a few waist are loose or the wedding dress with adornment waist.

According to boss of tang, run marriage gauze business these years, have pregnant bride all the time, but before far do not have so much, can run into normally busy season two 3. In the past two years, the proportion of pregnant brides received in the store has been increasing, which many colleagues feel.

Arguing about whether unmarried pregnancy is rational

Some people think it is a irrational attitude towards marriage and family. Unmarried pregnancy is very dangerous to the woman, and the "child-bearing marriage" caused by carelessness may drag both the man and the woman into an inappropriate marriage. In addition, such an unplanned pregnancy is not conducive to good birth and fertility.

However, there are many people who do not object to the idea of marrying with a child. A young sociology doctor's personal opinion is very avant-garde: nowadays many young men and women prefer long-distance relationships to marriage, always feel bored, and the marriage of children is just the cure for this "disease", because the appearance of children gives marriage the most direct and powerful reason. Young people who form families for their children are at least realistic and responsible, and such families are more stable.

Voice: get on the bus first, then pay the ticket. A farce ends in a comedy, but it doesn't end well. As for how to maintain a marriage and raise children, it takes more than luck. It takes responsibility.

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