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בחורה עם מחשב נייד

Beam: long stem
Bunches for brides that prefer minimal chic looks or try to recreate a style with a forties flavor, perhaps with a very simple and essential vintage wedding dress.

This bouquet should be worn by resting it on the forearm or, if the consistency of the flowers allows it red holiday cocktail dress, it can be worn between the two hands, and this makes it an element of extreme elegance. If you are already dreaming of having it with you on the wedding day red prom dresses, know that you can choose roses, tulips and calla to compose it, leaving the long stem, perhaps tied with a very linear ribbon and neutral color.

A handbag: the accessory
Comfortable to wear and really out of the ordinary: these are the characteristics of the handbag bouquet. It is a composition that can be created with flowers of various kinds and also with leaves. At the top of this deck is a sort of handle with branches and twigs. Obviously it becomes very easy to carry and the gesture will remind you of the daily one of taking up your beloved bag. Perfect for brides who do not like the obvious choices!
The bouquet is much more than a particular. Your personality will also be emphasized by the choice of flowers, as well as by the wedding makeup you will wear or by the band you will hire. Remember that flowers are a real language, so choose the bouquet that … will whisper the most appropriate phrases of love to your future husband and to all the guests: always and only with your style, as unique as you.