Save Money by Creating Your Prom Budget With These Cost

Save money by make prom budget list first, start with these costs: prom outfit, makeup, hair, nail, ticket, dinner, flower, jewelry and accessories, traffic.

It’s a historic event shared by many United States students. Prom is kind of a big deal, you’ll remember this night for many years. From styling your outfit to planning your group, ensure your prom experience is special with a little prep work.
Prom can become expensive, especially once you add up all of the small details. Create your prom budget, talking to your parents about what they may be able to contribute. Find ways to save money and get some prom inspiration by exploring the #prom tag on Instagram, Pinterest. You may find creative, do-it-yourself ways to make prom less expensive.

Take these costs into consideration when creating your prom budget:
• Prom Outfit: Affordable Prom Dress / Tuxedo, Shoes – It can be easy to go a little crazy on your prom outfit. But, if you go shopping with a budget already in mind, it can help you stay on track.

• Makeup – Whether you’re getting your makeup done professionally or just buying a special shade of lip-gloss for the evening, keep the costs in mind. Fashionists always shares many makeup tips from matching colors to your dress to makeup inspiration.

• Hair – If you’re getting your hair done by a professional hairdresser, it’s important to factor in this cost, and book appointement first.

• Nails – Are you going to get a manicure or pedicure for the prom? Make sure that you take these costs into account while developing your prom budget!

• Jewelry & Accessories – The perfect prom outfit is accessorized, so make sure to factor in any additional jewelry, a matching face mask, or other accessories within your prom budget. A prom outfit won't finish without accessories.

• Tickets – Most proms sell tickets and it’s important to remember this cost as well while you are focus on the cost of prom outfits.
• Dinner – If your prom ticket doesn't include the cost of dinner, your group will need to decide on a place to dine. Make sure you’re able to afford a high-quality dinner without breaking your budget.

• Limousine/transportation costs – Luckily, transportation to and from prom is typically split by all your friends within your prom group. Consider starting a money poll with friends via a PayPal account.

• Corsage or Boutonniere Flowers – Don’t forget the tradition of giving a corsage or boutonniere to your date! It’s a time-honored tradition you won’t want to forget.

• Photos – At many proms, you have the option of getting a professional photo taken with your date.RED PROM DRESSES