Get married in a beautiful place

בחורה עם מחשב נייד


Wedding in different places: couples who marry in different places have many problems to consider when holding wedding banquets. Learn about relevant details in advance and make adequate preparations, so as to hold wedding receptions that are satisfactory to both old people.

Long-distance weddings are all the rage around the world, especially in developed countries. I believe many of us young people are also looking forward to a beautiful place to hold a wedding. Here's a quick guide to long-distance weddings. It will lay a good foundation for the new couple's happy life after marriage.

Wedding dresses

Wedding dress is the only thing you can't give to a planner to do, from making to finally wearing the upper body, the whole process needs your care. Many wedding dresses made of different materials will change if they are not well kept and do not adapt to the local climate. For instance common marriage gauze material crepe silk, the gauze on drape, the transparent hard gauze of head gauze, qiao qi gauze, light bud silk is waited a moment, one is not careful they can become hard bang bang. So, remember to keep the wedding dress in its special pocket and carry it on the plane (never pack it in a suitcase, let alone check it). When you are seated, you can ask the stewardess to hang you in the safe closet on the plane.

2. Makeup and hairstyle

Your planner will recommend a few stylists to you in an E-mail, and remember to ask for photos of their work right away. In addition, before going out, you can put your favorite style magazine into a suitcase, and then you only need to open the page of your favorite style and show it to the stylist. It's important to note that foreign stylists tend to be time sensitive, so they may leave right after they've done it for you and won't be with you throughout the ceremony. As a result, makeup work often needs to be done on your own, so don't forget to bring a simple makeup tool.

3. Guest list

Naturally, the fewer guests, the less money. If the budget is limited, both parents and a close friend are enough. If you're worried that other friends are unhappy, just remember to invite them for a big meal after the wedding. In addition, be sure to coordinate time with family and friends at least 4 months before traveling to ensure the smooth handling of procedures for going abroad. When making a reservation, ask the hotel to book your rooms together or on one floor, if you like, so you can usually get a good price.

Long-distance wedding 4. Photo, bouquet, music

Wedding bouquets are very important. Don't describe your request to your wedding planner in an E-mail. It's important to note that the flowers you choose may not be locally grown, or are not seasonally flowering, and therefore may be particularly expensive or impossible to find. If this is the case, you can ask your planner to recommend a similar type or the most distinctive local flower. If you want to play your favorite song at the wedding, please tell the planner the name, singer and style of the song. If it is a song of your own country, it is better to include the song document in the letter to let the other party know. Find a similar sample E-mail to the planner about what kind of picture you want your wedding to look like.

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